Sunday 22 July 2018

Western Creek area pt2.

Continuing on with the Western Creek area, here's a shot taken by Toad Montgomery back on 10th January 2005 with Robe River owned 9-44CW unit 9434 leading an empty train along the Western Creek line from Cape Lambert at the Robe River 76 km post with 236 waggons snaking along behind.

The lines to the left are Emu, the north end of the duplicated Hamersley Iron Tom Price line to Dampier (later on they became Emu #3 and #4 Roads) with the line running upgrade in the distance being the Robe River line to Deepdale.

The train is about to pass signal EM5 which is behind the camera. This line has now become the Western Creek West Mainline and #2 Road Emu and joins the Tom Price line at the 80.21 km instead of the 78.4 km (HI chainage).

Saturday 14 July 2018

Western Creek area.

Originally the Robe River line crossed over the Hamersley Iron line by means of an overbridge at the 75.4 km on the Tom Price (HI) line and 73 km on the Deepdale (RR) line. And it stayed like this from the time Robe River started operations in 1972 until 2002 after both companies merged their assets and an interconnecting line was built to allow traffic to operate between Cape Lambert and the new West Angelas mine that Robe River were developing.

The first interconnecting line left the Deepdale line near the 71 km grade crossing and diverged to the north before curving southwest and passing under the Robe River line adjacent to the Hamersley Iron at the 75.4 km then curving southeast to cross the Western Creek at the 74.1 km bridge, the Robe track then joined the Tom Price line at Emu Siding, Robe chainage changed from 76.3 to Tom Price chainage of 78.4 km.

And then from 2012 proposals for full duplication of the Cape Lambert to Western Creek line were started and over the coming years completed. This included the new Emu Siding (passing track or loop) of the Deepdale line to emu ended up with four roads, two (original configuration) for the HI Dampier line and the new alignment for the Deepdale duplication. One and two road are for the Deepdale line, and three and four roads are the original end of the Emu duplication on the Dampier line. One and three roads both had a back track and spur.

The Western Creek East Mainline has a crossover to the original Deepdale line at the 71 km. The east line runs along the Deepdale line on the east for a couple of kilometres on a level alignment while the Deepdale line climbs, before curving to the south and crossing the Western Creek on another bridge at the 74.1 km. The east mainline then becomes One Road Emu with a chainage change from 74.886 km to Tom Price chainage 77.062. There is also a crossover from the west mainline which forms Two Road Emu at this location. Both roads then continue to curve towards the Tom Price mainlines where they converge at the 80.21 km for two road onto three road and four road onto the east mainline at 80.5 km.

The attached image has a loaded train departing Emu for Cape Lambert on the original interconnecting road between Emu and Western Creek (Western Creek West Mainline) with the entire train curving back up though the grades from Emu. The closet track is the Tom Price line to Dampier, the track behind is the Western Creek East Mainline to Cape Lambert and the train is on the west mainline.

Friday 13 July 2018

BHP 'bits'.

Well, another BHP SD70ACe unit has been named, 4473 serial 20148001-006 named after driver Howie Evans.

Toad has finished the updating and correction for the BHP motive power roster, it now includes all units from the F7A through the ALCo C and M 636 series, C36-7M rebuilds, the CM39-8, CM40-8 and CM40-8M units, the AC6000's and SD40's to finally the entire fleet of SD70ACe unit. The listing is now top down, from current units down to the F7A.

And a shot of SD70ACe units at the Mooka Staging Facility, 4468 with 4487 'Paul Harris' and 4412 and 4329 'Pilbara' with loaded rakes.

Toad likes this spot because the road is sealed, and he can drive his little purple car out to there...