Tuesday 11 September 2018

Loaded Roy Hill and FMG at the Roy Hill 63 km post.

Loaded Roy Hill train behind General Electric ES44ACi model RHA class unit RHA 1011 with CFCLA lease CM40-8M unit CD 4305 with two ES44ACi units RHA 1014 and RHA 1004 mid train visible around the curve as a loaded FMG train behind a pair of Electro-Motive Diesel SD70ACe model units.

The Roy Hill configuration is 2 locos, 116 waggons, 2 locos and 116 waggons, while the FMG train employs only two locos on the lead as they still bank their loaded trains away from the some of their mines.

1st of July 2018.


Anonymous said...

Why do those locomotives have an additional red MU socket instead of one like the American counterparts? What is the second socket for?

Pilbara Railways said...

They just have two sockets and two dummy sockets, the Rio Tinto units are the same. It prevents reaching over the coupler to connect or disconnect the MU.
Hope this helps, sorry for the delayed response.