Monday 22 June 2020

Sunday 21 June 2020

How to spot an SD70ACe-P6.

The only way to tell an SD70ACe-P6 model unit from a standard unit is the difference in height of the inverter cabinet located on the observers or left-hand side immediately behind the cab. The -P6 is slightly higher and is noticeable on Aussie units as we have a kickplate on our handrail assemblies.

The -P6 model has an inverter per axle to allow better traction control and therefore greater adhesion over the standard model which has an inverter per bogie or truck.

The attached picture shows the step height change on FMG SD70ACe-P6 unit 727 serial 20188761-006 built in Nov 2019. The FMG order was built to the same specs and at the same time as the final ten units of Norfolk Southern order for 50 units #1175-1224.

Saturday 20 June 2020

FMG operating new EMD SD70ACe-P6 model locomotives.

Back in February 2020 two deliveries of five locos each were unloaded at Port Hedland then delivered via road to FMG. The ten units were built by Progress Rail at their Electro-Motive factory in Muncie. The units were built the same time as an order was being built for Norfolk Southern and the FMG units were delivered pretty much identical to the NS order. With the Australian standard handrails being installed locally.

The units are the SD70ACe-P6 and they have an inverter per axle rather than the standard inverter per bogie (or truck) giving better traction control and also have a higher rated T3 compliant prime mover the 16-710G3C-T3 for 4500 horsepower.

Some videos of the units running trains can be found here: Shift Pig Youtube videos.