Monday 14 November 2022

FMG locos change liveries and swap locations.

Both the FMG CM40-8M units that were sent to Fortescue's FFI (Fortescue Future Industries) in Hazelmere, Perth have been repainted into the FMG blue and white livery and renumbered. CD 4301 has been partially renumbered to 801, while, CD 4302 has been renumbered to 802.
In the first week of November 2022, 802 was trucked back up to Thomas Yard in South Hedland. Then one of FMG's former BNSF / GECX units, 4854, was returned on the same float and has been sent to Gemco in Perth and arrived there on the 10th of November 2022.

801 was former CFCLA CD 4301, and former Robe River 9410 with serial number 2160-03 / 96-202.
802 was former CFCLA CD 4302, and former Robe River 9421 with serial number 8297-02 / 93-137.

4854 was former BNSF / GECX with the same road number, serial number 50708 and built in 8/1998. It should be numbered 022 in the 9-44CW road number range of FMG units.

Wednesday 20 April 2022

FMG CM40-8M CD 4303 'Warrior'.

FMG has three CM40-8M GE rebuild units purchased from CFCLA / Rail First. While two (CD 4301 and CD 4302) went to Perth to Fortescue Future Industries for trialling with alternative fuels, CD 4303 'Warrior' is located at parent FMG's Thomas Yard in South Hedland.

Here is a side view of CD 4303 'Warrior' serial number 8206-04 / 92-126. This unit history is it started with Robe River having been built by Comeng WA as an ALCo M363 in late 1979 with serial number C6116-1 and order WA112 and road number 9423. This was the final ALCo built new for Robe River. It was delivered by road in February 1980. It was purchased as a replacement for 9417 that was scrapped following a head on collision on 2 February 1979.

9423 was rebuilt from an M636 into the GE CM40-8M in 1992 by Goninan in Perth and was recommissioned by Robe in May 1992.

It ended up in CFCLA ownership in 2012 and was rebuilt by Goninan WA and reclassed and numbered as CD 4303 'Warrior' and wearing the CFCLA livery.

9423 has seen lease periods on both FMG and Roy Hill railways in the Pilbara.

Finally, it was sold to FMG and transferred to Thomas yard Port Hedland in late 2021.

Sunday 17 April 2022

FMG's former BNSF / GECX 9-44CW units hit the rails.

Four of the former BNSF / GECX 9-44CW units have commenced operating in the shafts of triple headed ore trains on the FMG.

Observed just a few days ago were 016 in the yard near the workshops, and on trains in the middle of triple consists were 017, 020 and 023.

The other four are currently stored without full FMG numbers and are 4807, 4833, 4847 and 4854.

Here we see 020 former BNSF / GECX unit 4836 with serial number 50690 between two EMD SD70ACe/LCi units 721 and 713 on an empty train awaiting entry into Thomas Yard, South Hedland.

Sunday 6 March 2022

FMG SD90MAC-H2 units finally scrapped.

The long stored, since 2015, SD90MAC-H2 units owned by FMG have finally been cut up by CD Dodd in Port Hedland. The units involved were the 910 to 917 listed below as:

FMG number, original Union Pacific number, serial number:

  • 910, 8538, 976833-17
  • 911, 8548, 976833-27
  • 912, 8550, 976833-29
  • 913, 8557, 976833-36
  • 914, 8525, 976833-04
  • 915, 8553, 976833-32
  • 916, 8543, 976833-22
  • 917, 8547, 976833-26

Wednesday 12 January 2022

Roy Hill's latest locomotive RHA 1028.

Roy Hill 1028

Roy Hill's latest locomotive RHA 1028 was delivered to site today (12/01/2022) by Tutt Bryant Heavy Lift & Shift. RHA 1028 is in the breast cancer awareness livery.

This livery already adorns RHA 1022 to RHA 1026 locomotives and a couple of hundred waggons. RHA 1028 has a build date of November 2021 and was built by Wabtec at their Fort Worth, Texas facility as an ES44ACi model with serial number 66307.

It was shipped out of the port of Houston, USA on the 23rd of November 2021 on the vessel CALYPSO and unloaded in Port Hedland on the 9th of January 2022.

This brings Roy Hill's locomotive fleet to 28 ES44ACi units.