Thursday 30 August 2018

CBH grain train 1A43 at Buniche Siding.

During a recent trip south narrow gauge CBH grain train 1A43 was chased from Newdegate to Burngup. Operated by CBH 012 'Piesseville' and CBH 005.

The locos were both built by MotivePower, Inc. Boise, Idaho, USA in 2012 with 005 (serial 2363.05) being model MP27CN and 012 (serial 2363.12) as model MP33CN with the main difference being the horsepower rating, 2700 or 3300.

The train is seen here climbing the grade into Buniche Siding.

A video of this train with footage from Lake Biddy, Buniche and Burngup can be viewed here or copy and paste this text: