Friday 25 September 2020

Pilbara Railways Historical Society visit.

Went down and checked on the status of the museum as it has been a while. The museum is unable to be accessed by the general public now as it has a locked Rio Tinto access gate at the Dampier Salt end of the road. However, being a member access was arranged to do a quick inspection of the place.

In this image you can see from the left, the PWD crane, waggons and Simplex loco from Point Samson, a couple of ALCo engines, the Locotrol 'cab'; off of BHP 5663, the ALCo S2 Hamersley Iron 007 'Mabel', ALCo C415 demonstrator Hamersley Iron 1000, former NSWGR ALCo RSC-3 Robe River Iron Associates 9405 renumbered to 4002, English Electric ST95B Goldsworthy Mining 1, ALCo M636 BHP 5502 and EMD F7A Mt Newman Mining 5450.

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    Rod Diery - Oct 24, 2021
    I visited this site in September 2021. There were no gates and I drove straight up to the site which appeared to be guided by a rather large dugite only. After he left, I wandered around for about an hour taking pics. A few vehicles drove past but no one challenged me. Such a shame to see all these beautiful old girls rusting away there.

    Roland Depth - Oct 24, 2021
    Yes Rod it is a shame, thank you for your comment.