Monday 24 August 2020

BHP SD70ACe/Lci unit delivery continues.

Another two new SD70ACe/Lci units were delivered to Nelson Point on Sunday 23rd of August. 4496 and 4494 were walked the 3.5 km distance from the Pilbara Ports Authority complex to the hard stand at BHP Nelson Point yard on Mammoet self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) with 20 lines of 4 wheels for a total of 80 wheel. Once locos are unloaded then the platforms are again walked back to the PPA for another load.

The image shows 4496 under the loco lift gantry while 4494 waits for its turn to unload on its SPMT.

This left units 4495 and 4497 to be delivered on Monday.

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    Pedrop - Apr 27, 2021
    Were they built in USA or Australia? How many wee ordered?

    Roland Depth - Apr 27, 2021
    BHP had six of these built in the USA in May 2020 at Progress Rail Muncie USA.

    Chris Huber - Feb 08, 2023
    is one side painted red and the other orange?

    Roland Depth - Feb 26, 2023
    No, 4494 is on a slight angle so the colour is just looking a bit darker.