Sunday 9 May 2021

FMG SD90MAC-H2 units still stored - update.

Here's an image of FMG's eight SD90MAC-H2 units stored out of service down the south end near their rail welding rail yard. 20th March 2021.

From left (port) to right (mine) are 910, 911, 912, 917, 913, 914, 915 and 916.

From studying images, it looks like both 912 and 916 have the engines removed, while 917 is partially stripped. Also, other items have been removed, like handbrake mechanisms and no doubt other 'bits'.

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    Noel - May 10, 2021
    Do you know why they are stored? Are they to be sold, scrapped?

    Roland Depth - May 11, 2021
    I suspect similar issues to the issues experienced in the United States, electrical and engine issues. All the other units that are still in service have had the 265 replaced with a 710 either locally (901-904) or in the USA as part of the rebuilding.