Friday 3 December 2021

FMG's final two 9-44CW units are cleaned.

FMG has leased, but there are rumours the units have been bought by FMG, eight Watco / GE lease units which are former BNSF units from an order of 217 General Electric 9-44CW locomotives under order number 1893 and the eight units that came to Australia are:

  • 4783 serial number 50637 build Jun-1998
  • 4787 serial number 50641 build Jun-1998
  • 4807 serial number 50661 build Jul-1998
  • 4833 serial number 50687 build Aug-1998
  • 4836 serial number 50690 build Aug-1998
  • 4847 serial number 50701 build Aug-1998
  • 4854 serial number 50708 build Aug-1998
  • 4871 serial number 50725 build Sep-1998

4833 and 4854 are on stands and have had their hood doors and body panels removed for intensive cleaning.

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    David Winter - Feb 03, 2022
    Does anyone know what the road numbers for these will be?

    Also, does anyone know what 9-44CW locos marked as FMG and having numbers in the 100s might be doing at a Wabtec plant in the States?

    Roland Depth - Feb 04, 2022.
    They are numbered from the existing 9-44CW units, 016 to 023. A full roster can be found here: The four rebuild units are numbered 101 to 104. These are expected to be delivered in March 2022 and are currently at Wabtec, Fort Worth Texas. Following should be eight units with EVO motors and have been designated EVO-M. No further details are at hand.