Saturday 1 April 2023

BHP loaded and empty meet at Boodarie.

A BHP empty train led by a pair of EMD SD70ACe locomotives bombs a loaded arrival at Boodarie Yard.

BHP's EMD SD70ACe units 4438 'Rail Runner' serial number 20128866-007 and the current highest numbered unit 4497 serial number 20198860-006 lead their empty rake towards Bing along the west mainline having just passed signal BES5.

Both 4438 'Rail Runner' and 4497 were built by Progress Rail at their Muncie facility with 4438 being delivered in 2013 and 4497 delivered in 2020.

Port Hedland has a lot of road over rail bridges, these photos are taken from one on the realigned Great Northern Highway around the back of Wedgefield located over Boodarie Yard, then the Wallwork Road overbridge is visible in the distance of these photos. There is the overbridge beyond the Wallwork Rd bridge for Buttweld Road which is between Goldsworthy Junction and the rail welding facility on the BHP line, the new bridge being built on the Broome Road to carry the road again over the BHP line at the 12 km, the original Redbank Bridge for Wilson Street over the BHP entry to Hedland Yard, the overbridge on the Great Northern Highway which passes over the top of the FMG lines between their Kanyirri Yard and the port and yet another bridge further out to carry the Great Northern Highway over the Roy Hill line.

BHP SD70ACe units 4414 serial number 20118685-012 was built at Progress Rail's Muncie plant and delivered in 2013, while 4329 'Pilbara' serial number 20066862-058 was originally built in 2008 as part of an order for BNSF and should have been BNSF 9187, one of a batch of ten such units delivered as standard US domestic units in an all orange BNSF base livery. The ten units were later all upgraded to standard BHP specifications for leads units like the rest of the fleet. The load is running the east mainline while another couple of SD70ACe units idle away in the loco spur off No. 1 Road Boodarie.
31st of March 2023.

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