Thursday 9 March 2023

Athearn's model of the FMG 9-44CW units as delivered back in 2007.

Athearn Genesis 2.0 HO scale models of FMG 9-44CW units

Finally got around to 'commissioning' my three FMG 9-44CW Athearn Genesis DCC models and assigning their addresses and testing that the functions work etc.

The Athearn models were released last year, and they did three road numbers for FMG in both DC and DCC being 003, 007 and 014. The DCC models feature a SoundTraxx Tsunami2 decoder and dual sugar cube speakers.

The models are based off of the FMG 9-44CW units as they were delivered, and they sure look nothing like this today! Apart from rust and faded paint, the units have received marker lights, gates in the long hood handrails and raised extensions to the handrails where maintainers need to access the top of the 7FDL-16 prime mover, kickplates along the bottom of the handrails and modified handrails on the cab steps, amongst other minor details.

Athearn Genesis 9-44CW FMG 014

014 side view, details are crisp and well defined, and paint looks really good.

Athearn Genesis 9-44CW FMG 003

FMG 003 with the ditch lights, number boards and headlights burning bright, notice the step light directly in line with the headlight beside the cab door just above the walkway.

Athearn Genesis 9-44CW FMG 014

Overhead roof view of FMG 014 shows the LHS walkway and handrails, radiator grills, inverter cabinet and air conditioning unit.

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