Friday 7 June 2024

Dual MU Sockets.

I received a comment on one of the earlier posts about the dual MU sockets on the Roy Hill ES44ACi units asking what the story was with them.

Well, the Roy Hill units have dual MU sockets and dual dummy sockets, very much like both Rio Tinto's ES44DCi and ES44ACi locomotives all have the dual MU and dual dummy sockets whilst the Rio Tinto / Hamersley Iron 9-44CW units have dual MU and only a single dummy socket.

I can only think this reduces the need to reach across a coupling to plug in or disconnect the MU.

Roy Hill ES44ACi unit RHA 1012, serial number 62584, built November 2014 at Erie, Pennsylvania USA, shows the dual sockets and dummy sockets during its delivery.

If you know more, please feel free to leave a comment, thank you, Pilbara Railways.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but where and when can I see iron ore trains go by in walking distance from Yurlu Caravan Park in Newman. Thank you.

Pilbara Railways said...

You would need to walk about a kilometre and a half towards the north - west, unsure of fencing.
Otherwise there is a vantage point on the Great Northern Hwy just north of where Newman Dr joins the highway about a 2km walk to the road over bridge.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. Would you know a time when I could see a train? Is there something like a timetable?

Pilbara Railways said...

Sorry for the delay, I do not seem to be getting the notifications on comments, and I've been away.
There is no timetable as such. Trains run 'when ready' most of the time.
You will have shuttles trains taking ore into Newman for crushing and blending as well as empty and loaded rakes to and from Hedland.